The VAG2016 ISC “Geophysics - Cooperation and Development” will be organized in Hanoi City, the Capital of Vietnam from 15th to 20th October, 2016. The Conference is planned to be held for 5 days, in which 2 days' time will be exclusively dedicated to scientific reports and 3 days' time will be for scientific field trips and tours.
Goals to be achieved: to host particular professional meetings, conference on exploration geophysics for scientists and researchers of different nationalities to Vietnam. Exchanges of relevant scientific findings and outcomes and practical experiences; and connection, establishment of scientific co-operative relationships, building effective collaborations between Vietnamese geophysicists and global geophysicists, particularly between VAG scientists and 
SEG, ASEG, SEGJ, KSEG scientists.

Benefits: professional knowledge and capacity of early career and young scientists of Vietnam and participating countries to be enhanced and strengthened for exploration geophysics work and projects; bilateral co-operative relationships on research and exploration of solid minerals, oil and gas to be wide opened up; transfers of technologies, knowledge's, advanced methods on exploration geophysics between developed countries and less developed countries to be bettered and progressing.