General Rules

Individuals may present only one abstract.
Projects being submitted must be original research.
Submitters may NOT split one study into several papers, as they may be asked to combine for review.
Individuals can co-author multiple abstracts.
Presenter must disclose any personal or co-author potential conflict of interest.
Previously published abstracts (in print or electronically) or those presented at another meeting are not allowed.
An abstract should be 300 words or less with a Title limits to 10 words or less. Please capitalize the first letter of each word in the Title.
Each abstract is required to have an Objective(s), Method(s), Result(s), and Conclusion(s)
Objective(s): Background of the study is basically not required or should be kept very concise. Please clearly state the objective(s) of the investigation.
Method(s): Methods used, key outcome variables and data analysis method.
Result(S): Please report essential results, including data and statistics (where appropriate)
Conclusion(s): Recommendation is basically not required or should be kept very concise.
Keywords: All abstract submissions may select up to 5 keywords from a list. Two keywords are required. Keywords should be selected from Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) to be used for indexing of articles.


The manuscript must not have been published elsewhere.
Abstract should not exceed 300 words and must be written in English, typed in MS Word, Times News Roman font 12. Papers may be about dental education research articles or teaching-learning innovation reports. The title should be no more than 10 words and typed in capital. The full name of the authors and co-authors (omit Degrees) are written to be followed by name of the department and institution.
Abstract should be submitted by online submission, please CLICK HERE to download Abstract Registration Form.
Registration Guideline Submission
Step 1: Click on the “Abstract submission online” button.
Step 2: The submission page will be displayed on your screen. Please click sign up button and fill all requirements in this page then click sign up button to complete your registration.
Step 3: Click login button to log in the online abstract submission system by your account (email and password were created during your sign up).